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Saddleworth Past Times
This postcard was photographed and
published by Kenneth Leech of Uppermill
who in his spare time produced numerous
cards of the Saddleworth area. The view
above records the developing area of
Grotton Hollow. Just over a couple of
decades prior to this photograph the view
would have been for the most part green
fields. The houses in the background are
typical nineteen thirties semis which are
still very much standing and still considered
a desirable place to live. In the right of the
photograph is the Grotton Hotel which
opened on 19th July 1939, now converted to
shops and offices. The advertising at the
time noted the fact that the Grotton Hotel
was opposite the Grotton Lido outdoor
swimming pool. This whole area was under
a proposal to be developed with more
housing which subsequently took place.
One thing that didn’t get built was a cinema
- not forgetting that Saddleworth already
had one, the ‘Palace’ in Uppermill. These
plans were no doubt shelved with the start
of the second world war and were never to
see the light of day after the war.
Image and words courtesy of Peter Fox
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