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Natural Causes
, a thrilling new production
from Uppermill Stage Society, will run from
Thursday 23rd October to Friday 26th
October, at 7.30pm nightly, in the Ebenezer
Church Hall in School Street, Uppermill.
With a great script and some excellent
action, it’s definitely not a play to miss!
Written by Eric Chappell (best known for his
Rising Damp TV scripts)
Natural Causes
a ‘laugh a minute’ black comedy which
centres around the country house of a writer,
Walter Bryce.
The hilarious black comedy features a bottle
of deadly poison which suicide merchant
Vincent attempts to sell to writer and
philandering husband Walter Bryce to offer
to Celia, his neurotic wife, who reiterates a
desire to kill herself. Things take a strange
turn by the time Walter's scheming secretary
and mistress, Angie, and Samaritan,
Withers ,have their say. Several attempts to
administer the poison to various characters
result in the multiple poisoning of a rubber
plant. Will Victor succeed in killing
anyone ?
Make a note in your diary to see this laugh a
minute romp at Ebenezer Congregational
Church Hall.
Natural Causes
runs from
23rd to 26th October. Tickets (£6 Tuesday,
£8 Weds-Fri) are available from Turners Dry
Cleaners Uppermill, by contacting Edith on
01457 873448 or on-line at ticket
For details of this and future events, please
see Uppermill Stage Society facebook page.
Comedy comes to Uppermill!
Save the date for ‘Natural Causes’ from 23rd to 26th October
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