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Yorkshire garage door company Garolla
branch out in Saddleworth
Advertising feature
Yorkshire based garage door company
Garolla is now expanding into Saddleworth,
Mossley and Oldham, making it easier for
local residents to find the roller garage door
for them.
Garolla has received outstanding reviews
for the quality of its products and simple,
transparent customer service, and operates
across many regions of the country.
Peter Heatley will be the dedicated fitter for
our area and is looking forward to meeting
local customers and taking on any
Garolla don’t employ any sales people so
fitter Peter is the point of contact for
customers. He will give his honest opinion
when surveying your home and ensure your
new garage door is installed perfectly.
All Garolla doors are made to measure,
from the exact specifications Peter takes
from your home.
Once installed, your door is ready to use
straight away. It’s operated by a wireless
remote control which activates an efficient
electric motor.
The compact roller shutter design means
that you benefit from the strength and
thermal insulation of a thicker, heavier door
without the issue of ‘dead space’ around
hinged doors where they open and close.
This gives you more room inside and out
and allows you to park cars right up to the
door, without having to worry about
clearing any opening space.
For more details or a free quote, get in
touch with Garolla on
01614 012 183
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