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Let’s Talk about Dementia
By Wrigley Claydon Solicitors
Wednesdays 9.00am – 12.30pm
Uppermill Conservative Club, High Street, Uppermill
Confidential expert advice
in the following areas
Divorce & Children • Domestic Violence
Accident Claims • Disputes • Property
Wills & Lasting Powers of Attorney • Probate
Company and Employment
Tel: 0161 624 6811
As part of our pledge to Oldham’s Dementia
Action Alliance, Caremark Oldham and
Wrigley Claydon are running
‘Let’s Talk about Dementia’
for those interested in understanding a bit
more about dementia and the small things
you can do to help people with the
A diagnosis of dementia can seem daunting
but information and advice will be available
for anyone who wishes to find out more
about the condition and how to prepare for
the challenges ahead.
Caremark Oldham will run a Dementia
Friends session aiming to transform the way
people think, act and talk about the
condition. Stigma and lack of understanding
can cause many people with dementia to
experience loneliness and social exclusion.
Dementia Friends hopes to tackle this by
creating more communities and businesses
that are dementia-friendly, and more
inclusive of people affected by dementia.
Wrigley Claydon will run a question and
answer session aimed at meeting people’s
concerns about the legalities involved when
a loved-one is diagnosed with dementia.
These can include protecting your home in
case care home fees become an issue and
how to manage financial and health
decisions when a loved one can no longer do
so themselves.
Join us for our friendly, informative sessions
which will be held at The Conservative
Club, High Street, Uppermill.
The next date is on Wednesday 10
2018 at 10.00am.
Caremark Oldham – 0161 627 0891
Wrigley Claydon – 0161 624 6811
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