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Protected red kite seen shot in Saddleworth
A protected bird of prey was seen being
shot out of the sky in the Peak District
National Park.
A red kite was seen falling
from the sky accompanied by the sound of
gunshots is the latest in a series of
concerning incidents involving birds of prey
in the Peak District National Park.
Climber Adam Long heard gunshots and
saw the bird fall on 7 June near Saddleworth
Moor. The shooter remained out of sight.
The police were called, but no leads were
Howard Jones, RSPB Investigations Officer,
said: “Though red kites have enjoyed a
remarkable comeback in many parts of the
country, they are not commonly seen in this
area and are struggling to expand into the
Peak District National Park despite plenty of
suitable breeding habitat. Like all birds of
prey, red kites are protected by law under
the Wildlife and
Countryside Act
1981. If someone is
found to have shot
this bird they face an
unlimited fine and/or up to 6 months in jail.”
Chief Inspector Dave Henthorne of Greater
Manchester Police (GMP), who is also the
force’s lead for wildlife crime, said: “GMP
officers spoke to a number of people
regarding this incident. If there is evidence
to link an individual with this, we will work
with the RSPB to prosecute those
responsible. In addition, GMP would review
any firearms license that offenders possess.”
If you have any information relating to this
incident, please call Greater Manchester
Police on
. If you find a wild bird you
suspect has been illegally killed or injured,
contact the RSPB on
01767 680551
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