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Saddleworth Well Dressing
Well dressing is an ancient custom most
often found in Derbyshire and is the art of
decorating springs and wells with pictures
made from natural materials. These are
created by hand each year as this wonderful
art form is kept alive by volunteers.
Saddleworth Museum celebrated the first
anniversary of their re-opening last
September with a Well Dressing. A small
team of volunteers studied how these were
put together and created one
(see photo)
This Well Dressing excited a lot of local
interest, following a workshop in the
museum earlier this year, teams of
volunteers in other villages put on displays
this year.
During September you’ve been able to see
this year’s displays. Women Suffragettes
was the theme of the well dressings at
Saddleworth Museum and in Delph near
the White Lion. There were also displays in
Greenfield (by the bridle path), and in the
porch of the Sacred Heart church in
Uppermill. Take a look as some of these
may still be there! And if your group or
village would like to get involved next
year, watch this space!
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