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Service. That's the one major
element in business that the
internet cannot, and will never be
able to, provide to spectacle
wearing customers.
How do you get your spectacles
straightened on the World Wide
How do you get your spectacles tightened
on the web? (Ed. I suppose people buy
them on the internet and come to you to
have them adjusted for free!!!")
How do you get your Varifocals measured
to within 0.5mm on the web?
How can you have your new lenses put
into your own frame?
How can you get a pair of single
vision spectacles in an hour?!
Bricks beat Clicks this time.
But for how long?
The three "C's" are the key to retaining our
patients and attracting new life blood to any
If our customers are willing to pay for our
facilities, then we better follow the "C's".
The first "C" is
We have ease of booking. Either by phone
or now directly on our website.
We have next sight tests available signage
outside our practice.
We have free parking
front and back.
We have a
showroom with a
waiting zone and
drinks on tap. And a bit of
light music playing in the
We have the latest sight testing
equipment with a "soft puffer"
for glaucoma screening. A retinal Nidek
camera for back of your eye pictures and
a simple to use glaucoma field plotter.
The practice has no stairs and easy
wheelchair access to all zones.
All to provide comfort on the patient’s
journey. We have fully qualified staff on
every day.
The next "C" is
Placing the patient in control of
appointment times, frame purchasing
and ophthalmic lens advice is
paramount to the ethos of 2020
Saddleworth Ltd.
We have
advice whether
on an eye
condition or a
long term
desire for
spectacles that
are lighter than a feather.
We have optometrist specialists in
glaucoma, diabetes and macular
degeneration. We have a lifelong technician
on site 5 days a week.
Like hens teeth in a village!
We have built a formidable team to deal
with almost every problem encountered
within optics and have direct access to a
plethora of consultant ophthalmologists.
With our direct linkage to Zeiss in
Advertising feature
Service, Service, Service!
The three most important things in business
by Iain Johnston,
B.Sc (hons), D.Opt, Director of 2020
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