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Germany, we have more control of
the optical manufacturing process.
Patients are immediately informed of
any issues with their spectacle orders
through a live link to the plant in
Oberkochen , Germany..
Our new upgraded
2 for 1 offer is
matching the
multinationals and our choice includes
international brands like Rayban, Tiffany
and Armani. Launching in October are
OAKLEY for MEN & Children and
L.K.Bennett of London.
The third and final "C" is
Saddleworth is a community.
It has 25,000 people living as one big
village. We have doctors, dentists,
lawyers, retailers, restaurants and loads
of drinking zones.
But we don't have a petrol station!
Or a bank!
Although a few of our patients leave us
for a multitude of reasons to support
businesses outside Saddleworth, many
based in tax havens around the world,
they are not cognitive of the effect that
decision has on our community.
We at 2020 Saddleworth try to support
our local tradesmen as much as we can.
Just this year alone, local painters,
electricians, builders, shopfitters, graphics
companies, digital video makers,
photographers, human resource agents,
local advertising and marketing, web site
designers, accountants and of course the
staff, have all benefited with the support of
2020 Saddleworth.
The clue, of course, is in the name. We are
passionate about supporting our community
as much as we can. So the next time you
leave your house to look for optometric
services for your
most precious gift,
your sight, please
Should I support
the multinational
with no return for
my community, or
should I give my local businesses a
boost and keep the area I live in strong
and vibrant? Don't turn towards
Oldham, Ashton, Manchester or
Huddersfield : look closer to home
with our personalised services.
We would like to thank all the patient base
that do support us by using us for their sight
test needs but if you purchase your
spectacles away from Saddleworth, we will
not survive.
It's the reality of all businesses: the
overheads will eventually grind you down.
Please support the "Bricks" in our
community, and not the "Clicks" of the
2020 Saddleworth. 01457 872020
Valid until 30th November 2018 on presentation of this voucher
2 for 1 New Frame Voucher
£140 off a second designer frame
when purchasing a new frame over £159.95
Not valid with any other offer
2020 Saddleworth, 61 High Street, Uppermill, OL3 6AP
01457 87 2020
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