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Why life is fantastic
By James Sheard
It’s so easy to
take what we
have for granted.
A quiet moment
to appreciate
how wonderful
our bodies are is
a moment well
We are
given these amazing bodies.
My own,
despite abuse, neglect and the ravages of
age, continues to work for me and to sense
the world around me in all its glory. It
enables me to run on the hills, surf on the
beach (ok that’s an exaggeration it was
never clear whether I or the surfboard was
winning the fight to be on top) and dance
strictly like – a dad. I love food and my
body gives me the pleasure of eating, of
cycling downhill fast and even a few other
pleasures it would be indiscrete to mention.
I have a fantastic body.
Our brains are amazing. Not only do they
house the very consciousness through
which we experience the world but they
also store massive amounts of information,
the faces of the people we know, stories we
are told and opinions we hold. I think the
cleverest thing about my brain is the way
my subconscious operates. It can work
away at a problem without me knowing it
and then in a flash give me a solution. I
have a fantastic brain.
I live in Saddleworth which is a fantastic
My earliest memories are set in the 1970s
so I’m very much an immigrant into the
technological age. To live in a world where
almost all human knowledge is in the palm
of my hand, on my phone, never ceases to
amaze me. It’s worth appreciating other
more humble advances of the modern age:
electricity, modern plumbing, medicine and
food fresh all year brought to me from the
four corners of the world. For all that it’s
not perfect I do live in a fantastic age.
If my body, my brain, where I live and the
age I live in are all fantastic surely I owe it
to myself to make sure my life and my
business are fantastic. My task therefore is
to work consistently towards achieving that,
appreciating what I have and changing
where possible what I don’t like. How can
you make your business fantastic?
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