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Senior Snippets: Activities to Help with Dementia
Our monthly column brought to you by
Mick Sheehan
Director of local home care company Home Instead Senior Care
There are more than 50 million people
around the world living with dementia and
every 3 seconds somebody develops it.
Dementia is a ‘catch all’ term used for
a variety of progressive disorders of the
brain, that affect memory, thinking,
behaviours and the ability to perform
everyday tasks.
Here at Home Instead Senior Care
(Oldham & Saddleworth) we understand
that living with someone who has dementia
can be stressful and challenging at times,
for the family as well as the person with
the condition.
Encouraging activities for people living
with dementia is one way to help someone
find enjoyment, reduce boredom and feel
fulfilled. Activities, or maintaining existing
hobbies, can also maintain relationships
and connection with family and friends.
It’s important to remember that a person
living with dementia has the same needs as
any other person and one of these is to be
Activity ideas for people living with
Sensory activities for people living with
dementia should focus on stimulating the
mind, body and encouraging social
interaction. The level of activity will
depend on the individual but some
examples include:
Crossword puzzles
Needlecrafts, knitting or crochet
Playing games designed for people
who have dementia
Exercise classes such as Tai Chi
Looking through photographs and
Attending a concert
Attending a singing class
Going for a meal or drinks with
Attending a dementia café, social club
or group
At Home Instead Senior Care
, our
CAREGivers spend time getting to know
their clients, so they can understand and
encourage them to take part in engaging
activities and sensory games they will
enjoy. CAREGivers can also capture
client’s life stories and memories in a
specialist Life Journal. The journal is a
record of events and special moments from
the past and a great way to commemorate a
person and their achievements.
Get in touch with us today to find out how
your loved one can live well with
dementia. Call
01457 874566
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