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Cllr Robert Knotts regularly gives
presentations to clubs and organisations in
order to raise funds for charity. This year, all
proceeds will be donated directly to the
Saddleworth Parish Council Chairman's
Charity. Robert brings all the equipment
required and charges a modest fee.
The following topics are offered:
Christmas Gift Givers throughout the World
This talk covers The Nativity, Father
Christmas and other Christmas gift giver
traditions. There is also a display of hand
carved nativity and Father Christmas figures.
Robert draws cartoons, all portraying gentle,
whimsical and eccentric humour covering
different topics. Brass bands, Victorian
policemen and aircraft are his favoured
subjects. The cartoons have been published in
Australia, Canada, Germany, US & the UK.
Life in the Royal Air Force
Light-hearted tales from 33 years service in
the RAF, illustrated with cartoons.
A more serious presentation detailing the
history of airships and their potential use in
humanitarian relief operations following
natural disasters such as earthquakes and
floods. This presentation has been made to
international conferences in Alaska, Canada,
Germany and the UK including UK
Government officials.
Please contact Robert directly on
t. 0161 627 3798 or email.
for further details
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