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Davant Metals
Unit E201F, East Gate,
Warmco Industrial Park
Manchester Rd, Mossley, OL5 9AY
Tel: 01457 832194
Mobile: 07547 691289
Wrought Iron Gates
Wrought Iron Railings
Handrails * Grab rails
Security Grilles * Balconies
Gates with wood cladding
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What to fix and what to leave for the new owners
Advice for home sellers from Hunters Estate Agents
When something breaks down or is
damaged in your home you’re usually going
to fix it as soon as you can.
Let's say one of the taps on your sink gets
damaged - that’s not something you’ll
usually wait around to fix is it?
However, what if you’re planning, or
already in the process, of selling your house
then what should you do? Fixing things in a
house you’re planning to sell might seem
like a bad idea at first. After all, what sense
does it make to spend money on a house
you don’t plan to live in?
Well, it does actually make some sense.
After all, a house that is damaged in some
way is not going to appeal to as many
people and is likely to fetch a lower price as
well. But that doesn’t mean you have to fix
everything though does it?
Deciding what you should fix and what you
should leave for the new owners is a
difficult balancing act but if you get it right
it can certainly pay off. To help you work
out what you need to fix and what you
should leave we've compiled our own
helpful mini-guide below.
What You Should Fix
So what should fix if you’re selling your
home? The most important things to fix are
structural problems like damage to your roof
or foundations. If you have a bad case of
damp or dry rot then get it fixed as soon as
possible because issues like that are sure to
drive people away from your home and will
have a huge impact on its value.
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