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What to fix and what to leave
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Your household amenities, like plumbing,
electricity and gas, should also be in
working order. Make sure everything is
working as it should be in rooms like your
kitchen and bathroom.
Also look at the exterior of your home as
that is what potential buyers will see first.
Issues like faulty or damaged guttering,
cracked flagstones, mould and mildew
should all be cleaned and fixed to help boost
your curb appeal to potential buyers.
Finally, you could benefit from some simple
cosmetic fixes. Mending broken doorbells,
fallen fences and damaged or chipped
countertops or flooring will all help.
If you can fix cosmetic issues without
investing a lot of time or money then it’s
usually going to be worth doing.
What You Should Leave
It is rarely ever going to be advisable to fix
your home’s windows unless they are
damaged in some way. Yes, draughty
windows can be a problem but replacing
them is going to be very costly so it’s
something best left to the new owners.
Some people advise decorating your home
in more neutral colours if you’re selling it
but in my experience, this is rarely worth the
time and money. Your new owners can
redecorate the house in the style they want
so why waste money doing it yourself?
As long as they are in relatively good
condition, carpets and flooring can usually
be left as they are. If the new owner doesn’t
like the style they can always replace them.
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