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Lesley’s Diary
Saddleworth Parish Council Chairman’s Lady
The Mayor’s Cream Tea
was our first engagement in September,
when we were treated to strawberries, cream
and cake and were able to try our luck in the
raffle. We had a very enjoyable afternoon
meeting and chatting to new people.
SeptemberWe attended the
Civic Service
of Town Mayor Cllr David Haigh in
Meltham. Rain threatened but never
materialised, so we were able to march from
the Town Hall to St Bartholomew’s Church,
led by a very masterful parade leader and a
local brass band, without getting wet. The
service was led by the new vicar who gave
his address in a very entertaining way. After
the service we enjoyed a delicious buffet.
With the help of our
Charity Committee, who excelled
themselves as usual, we held a
Cake and Chat”
afternoon tea in the Civic
Hall. The array of gorgeous cakes was
amazing and certainly no one went away
hungry! It was attended by friends old and
new and we all had a relaxed and enjoyable
afternoon. Our Local Knowledge quiz was
well received and resulted in lots of
discussion. The occasion raised £200 for the
Chairman’s Charity. Many thanks to all.
13 September It came to our notice quite
recently that
Mr William Lennard
Delph was about to celebrate an important
birthday - his 100
. We discovered that he
was having a birthday meal with family and
friends at The Old Bell Inn.
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