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                                          How did that happen?! It doesn’t seem that
                                          long since I launched Saddleworth Monthly
                                          and here we are on our 150th edition! I
                                          hope you'll enjoy our celebration edition
                                          with some special features and fantastic
                                          prizes to win!
                                          When I look back at the first edition it looks
                                          very different: just 28 pages and all in black
                                          and white. Saddleworth Monthly has grown
        up over the years to become all colour, a great deal fatter and available online too.
        Yet the principle on which the magazine was founded remains exactly the same:
        to promote our local businesses by providing effective low-cost advertising and to
        promote Saddleworth community groups by providing free publicity for them.
        We’re told we live in a global economy, but large remote corporate organisations
        are of no use if you want work doing on your house or garden, to shop locally at
        helpful independent retailers, to have your hair cut, to have your family’s
        photograph taken, etc, etc. I find it immensely rewarding when my advertisers tell
        me what great responses they’ve had from appearing on these pages: how it’s
        helped their businesses survive and grow. Please continue to Shop Local!
        Saddleworth is a special and unique place to live with its festivals, community
        groups and beautiful landscape and I’m delighted to reflect that in these pages.
        Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach 150
        editions: readers, advertisers, contributors, cover image
        providers and distributors. As part of our celebration we’re
        delighted to announce the publication of a Saddleworth
        Past Times book: read all about it on page 11
                                With my best wishes,
        Cover image credits on page 20

       t 01457 237200

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