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                         Welcome  t o  o ur January  e dition!  A  pparently  m  any  o f u s  m  ake
                           the same New  Y ear R  esolutions - if you’ve  m  ade  a ny we’ve
                             some ideas  t o  h elp  y ou. A nd if your resolution is to take up
                        something  n ew, t ake  a  look at our l ist o f C  lubs and  A ssociations
                on page 106.There’s  s omething  f or everyone there: why  n ot get i n  t ouch?
                                               Wishing  y ou a  v ery  H appy New  Y ear,
       t  0  1457 237200

                                 Front C over I mage:
                        By Saddleworth resident David Gartside

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              Open: Monday-Friday 9.30am to 5pm; Saturday 9.00am to 1.00pm
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