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     Mr and Mrs Cashin wanted a  s pace  w  here all the family
     could come and visit.
     Their ideas were all around socialising, making it suitable for a
     busy  h ousehold as they  r egularly  l ook after their grandchildren.
     Their priority was  t hat t he design of the kitchen is usable by all
     people, to the greatest extent p ossible, without any  n eed  f or
     adaptations. Storage was  a lso a  h igh priority to accommodate
     all of the couple’s cookware and  a ppliances. Pivotal to the plan
     was  c reating an open-plan living space, with the kitchen as the
     central focus, whilst retaining a  b right a nd fresh, open feel.
     The Remo Gloss Alabaster f rom  S econd  N  ature kitchens was
     the perfect choice, and as the kitchen and breakfast bar would
     be such a  c entral and highly v isible focus of the new  d esign we
     finished the tops with Iron Bark Quartz from Silestone.
     The intelligent f unctions of the Neff and Caple appliances
     more than fulfill our couple’s individual requirements and have
     been cleverly  i ntegrated  w  ithin the Remo furniture.

     I’m sure you’ll agree that k itchen designer Rebecca has
     transformed this space into a  c hic multi-functional zone.
     Mr and Mrs Cashin

      To see more  o n  t his fantastic kitchen, please visit

     Neff MasterPartner 2017

      0161 626 8381 |  fi
     Head Office &  O  ldham  S howroom,
     Waddington Street, Oldham, L ancashire, OL9 6QH
     Showrooms  a t Oldham, Littleborough and Warrington
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