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       HANDCRAFTED                               F U RNITURE

        Our customers for t his fitted bedroom are  a  from conventional bedrooms to unusual attic spaces.
        couple from Warrington in Cheshire.   Our bespoke  d esign  a nd fitting service  m  eans you’ll
                                              make  t he most of all spaces and configuration needs.
        They  fi rst became aware of Fineline fitted bedrooms
        through one of their friends, who had recommended  The customers chose a  C ashmere  fi nish with crystal
        us after v isiting our Warrington showroom and fallen in  knobs for t heir wardrobes, drawers, dressing table and
        love with bedroom furniture  s een  o n  d isplay.  bedside tables, with two  c entral half-length mirrored
                                              wardrobe doors above a  s et of drawers.
        So, the Warrington couple visited our showroom for
        themselves  a nd were equally  i mpressed with the  Fitting all went to plan and the customers were
        choice  a nd quality of our bedrooms. They w  anted  t o  delighted  w  ith the finished bedroom. It really  e nhances
        recreate the look and feel of our Ascot c ollection in  their home and lifestyle. The couple now  h ave  a n
        their bedroom as soon as they  s aw it.  elegant, co-ordinated  b edroom which makes the most
                                              of their space. The fitted Fineline bedroom combines
        We design and make  b eautiful classic or contemporary  traditional furniture  a nd finishes with some subtle
        bedrooms for r ooms and spaces of all shapes and sizes,  modern touches.

       To see more  o n  t his f antastic bedroom, visit

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                                                                    Neff MasterPartner
       0161 626 8381                        Head Office  &  O  ldham Showroom,  winner 2017              Waddington Street, O  ldham,
       Showrooms at Oldham and Warrington.  Lancashire, OL9 6QH
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