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          Special early release showing at Denshaw Village Cinema

       Denshaw Village Cinema will be showing  following a ruling by a nervous
       the keenly awaited film Peterloo on  government, charged at the crowd with
       Saturday 12th January - a special early  drawn sabres.
       release for rural cinemas! Directed by Mike  If you have anybody in your family
       Leigh, it details the events leading up to the
       massacre in St Peter's Fields, Manchester,  interested in English social history this film
                                            is a must! Denshaw Village Cinema are
       on 19th August 1819.
                                            showing the two and a half hour Peterloo
       Saddleworth was an important textile  film at 2.00pm, 5.00pm and 8.00pm on Sat
       manufacturing district and many families  12th Jan, with refreshments and drinks
       walked to Manchester to join the huge  available 45 minutes before each show
       60,000 crowd, called to protest
       peaceably about high food prices,    Bookings only. Call 01457 870074,
       unemployment and the lack of local   call or text 07780 386 912 or email
       representation in parliament.
       It is known that at least three people from  And 'Peterloo'? it is a mocking title,
       Saddleworth were killed and an unknown  following the great victory against
       number injured when the local militia,  Napoleon at Waterloo, just three years
       drunk, instructed by local magistrates and  earlier

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