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                  Collins Dictionary W      ord o f t he Y e ar 2020

      ‘Lockdown’ has b een announced as the  Sussex, H arry and  M  eghan, from royal
      word of the y ear for 2 020 by Collins  duties.
      Dictionary, d ue to its s harp rise in usage  Previous Collins D ictionary  w ords of the
      during the C ovid pandemic.           year have been:

      Lexicographers registered more than   2019 Climate s trike
      250,000  u ses o f t he word in 2020, up from  2018 Single-use
      just 4,000 in 2019. Other p andemic r elated  2017 Fake news
      words a nd phrases which  m  ade t he top  t en  2016 Brexit
      include ‘ furlough’, ‘ key w orker’, ‘ self-  2015 Binge watch
      isolate’, ‘ social distancing’ a s w ell a s -  2014 Photobomb
      naturally -  ‘ coronavirus’.          2013 Geek

      Non v irus words w hich made the t op ten i n  The O xford  E nglish D ictionary a lso  c hoose
      2020 include ‘ BLM’ the a bbreviation  f or  their o wn word of the y ear, o pting f or
      Black Lives M  atter a nd ‘Megxit’ to describe  ‘climate emergency’ in 2019, ‘toxic’ i n
      the w ithdrawal o f t he Duke and  D uchess of  2018, ‘youthquake’ in 2017 and  ‘ post-truth’
                                            in 2016.
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