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Happy New          Y ear 2 021
           From    t he Peak and     N orthern Footpaths Society

                           The  b  enefits  o  f  signposts with their  h  eritage  g  reen  p  anel.
                           having access to We have been installing signposts to help
                           green and  o  pen walkers  f ind  t heir way  s ince 1905. Some of
                           spaces  and  t  he these  e  arly signposts still  s urvive.  I f  y  ou
                           ability  t o  g o  f or a would  l ike  t o  s ponsor  a  signpost  i n  y  our
                           walk from your area, please  g  et in touch  w  ith  u  s. Your
                           doorstep   have signpost c an be dedicated to a  l oved one  o r
                           been brought into someone  o  r  s  omething that you  w  ish  t o
                           sharp  f ocus by the commemorate.
                           coronavirus  t  his
      year.  T  he need to take daily  e  xercise  We also fund
      promoted during the  f irst lockdown and  t he  to  footpaths
      beautiful weather  w  e  e njoyed,  h  as shown  including
      the  v alue of our l ocal footpaths, bridleways,
      and  o ther rights of way.           bridges,
      Our  S  ociety,  P  eak and  N  orthern  F ootpaths and  h  andrails
      Society  o r  P  NFS  a s  w  e  f ondly  c all  i t, has amongst other
      been protecting  o ur freedom to roam since things.  I f  y  ou
      1894. A  v olunteer led  c harity,  w  e  h ave  a  find  yourself
      large  t eam  o f  v olunteers  w  ho monitor  t he trying to cross
      condition/state  o f o ur footpaths, bridleways, a  s  tream  a  nd
      and  o ther rights of way  a cross  o ur region  t o  risk  getting
      ensure they are o pen a nd accessible t o  a ll.  your feet wet
      Our  v  olunteers,  like  Ken  S  mith  in  due  t o  t he lack
      Saddleworth (for more about  K  en,  s  ee  of bridge, or
      KentheWalker o n  Y  ouTube), r egularly walk  knee  d eep in mud  o n  a  path,  t hen  w  e  c an
      all t he footpaths  i n  t heir area gathering  d ata  help here too. If you  k now  o f a  f ootpath that
      on stiles or gates  t  hat  a  re broken and  might benefit  f rom  o ur help please  l et us
      footpaths  t  hat  m  ight be obstructed  o  r  know. We have funded many bridges and
      overgrown  w  ith  v egetation. We advise the  boardwalks  o ver  t he years  -  you  m  ay wish
      Highways  A  uthority of our f indings  s o  t hey  to look at our g allery on our w  ebsite to find
      can fix  t hem. If this fails t o  h appen, we give  out m  ore. w
      them a  n udge and  i f  n ecessary (thankfully  All  o  ur volunteers  a  re passionate about
      this is rare)  w  e  c an take enforcement a ction  walking  a  nd protecting  o  ur freedom to
      to get  t he problem fixed. You  m  ay not  roam.  I f  y  ou feel the  s ame  w  ay too  a nd
      notice  t he work that we do but  w  e  a re out  would  l ike  t o  j oin  u s, we would  l ove  t o  h ear
      there  w  orking for  y ou to ensure you  h ave  a  from you. Find us on Facebook or
      great walk.                          Instagram, visit o ur website:
      If you  c an’t find your way, we help with
      that too. We are  w  ell  k  nown for  o  ur  or email u s a t
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