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Notes from the Garden Shed by Ann King

      Keep on top of the garden growth now to  summer flowering
      encourage healthy plants and maximise  plants like
      blooms all summer                     pelargoniums,
       Lightly prune late spring/early summer  marguerites and
        flowering shrubs as the flowers fade and  verbena to keep
        remove some old wood down to the base  interest until the
        to regenerate and increase air flow.  anemones start to
       Put support in for tall border perennials  show in the autumn.
        before growth surge.                Have a go...taking cuttings of plants
       Cut back spring flowering perennials to  This is an excellent time of year to take
        encourage a 2 flush.                cuttings from one new plant and grow them
       Secure growing side shoots of climbers  on quickly. Using sharp, clean secateurs,
        like climbing and rambling roses before  take a softwood cutting by snipping off the
        they tangle.                        top couple of centimetres of new growth.
                                            Plant in small pot with compost, cover with
      Rather than being left with empty containers,  a clear recycled food bag and leave in a
      plant some anemone tubers to replace the  bright spot out of direct sunlight for a few
      spring show. The top layer of the pots can be  weeks until new growth appears.
      filled with a mix of brightly coloured
                                                             Happy Gardening!

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