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Jane’s S limming World               S tory

      I j oined  S limming W  orld at the b eginning of  I b egan to challenge myself to try n ew foods
      May 2 020. At first, I d idn’t w ant t o  j oin u p  and  t o  m  ake s ure t here was v ariety in what I
      but w ith some encouragement f rom  m  y
      family, I did.                        was e ating s o  t hat I didn’t get b ored. N ot
                                            everyday is perfect for m  e b ut instead of
      For m  any  y ears I ’ve b een s aying I was g oing getting hung up on the m  istakes I make, I
      to lose weight but o nly e ver e nded up  start o ver t he next day a nd leave y esterday
      putting more weight on. W  hen  l ockdown  behind me.
      happened, I r ealised if I c ouldn’t d o  i t t hen
      when I h ad no distractions then I p robably  I’ve lost over 4.5  s tone. I c an see n ow how
                                                    w eight h ad held me back - e ven
      never w ould.
                                            just from simple things like being a ble t o
      At first I found  i t h ard  t o  a djust a nd change  cross m  y l egs p roperly l ol!
      old  h abits. I s tarted off w ith s imple c hanges,
      looking f or healthier w ays t o  m  ake f ood that  I’ve gained back so much confidence in
                                            myself and
                                                     i t’s b een really great for m
      I f elt c omfortable cooking a nd that I k new  I  mental health too, giving me a  m  ore p ositive
      would  e njoy. T his g ave m  e m  ore confidence
      in my cooking  s kills a nd helped me to start  outlook on everything. I ’m excited  t o  c arry
                                                                   j ourney and
                                            on with my Slimming World
      looking a t n ew recipes to try.
                                            get t o  m  y t arget! I’m so glad I j oined!
      Just like anything else, i t’s n ever simple in
      the b eginning. I d id have slip ups, but t he
      more I c arried on the m  ore I learnt new
      things. I d iscovered  t hat I could  s till h ave
      my favourite s nacks a nd which t hings I
      could  s ubstitute to ensure I w as losing
      weight but e njoying  m  y  f ood too.

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