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22 February to 7 M        arch

      Fairtrade i s a bout better prices, decent  challenges t hat f armers in the d eveloping
      working c onditions, local sustainability, and world  f ace. L ike m  ost l ocal groups,
      fair terms of trade f or farmers a nd workers  Fairtrade a re not a ble t o  h old  t heir usual
      in the d eveloping world.            events, s uch a s c offee m  ornings e tc, for
      During Fairtrade F ortnight 2021  t he  their 2021 Fortnight, b ut they encourage
      organisers aim  t o  h ighlight the g rowing  everyone to continue supporting  F airtrade.
      challenges t hat c limate change brings to the
      people who  g row  o ur food and  d rinks and
      those w ho grow the c otton i n  o ur clothes,  Fair Ted  w ants everyone to use their
      people who  m  ay be exploited  a nd
      underpaid. T he Covid-19 pandemic has    ocal - shop locally, s ave t ravel and  f ood  m  iles.
      shown  u s h ow much we are i nterconnected   rganic –  r educe h armful chemicals.
      globally.                             nd – f or goods not g rown in UK,
                                            air - choose F airtrade - beverages,
      This year, Fairtrade F ortnight a re asking  chocolate, b ananas, e tc.
      you t o  ‘                             ’ and  Please visit                      for d etails.
      use y our v oice to tell others about t he
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