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News f rom        C hristie A llsorts Fundraising Group

      Happy New  Y ear from the A llsorts!  Just before Christmas t he Good Vibrations
      Just before Christmas, a d onation o f £ 2,000  Choir w ere g iven the g o  a head to sing:
      was s ent t o  t he Christie charity t o  g o  t owards hurrah! On a s oggy horrible d ay the c hoir
      the n ew Paterson site project - a new  f acility sang their h earts out o n M  ossley market
      which  w ill allow  s pecialists to work together ground. I n a ddition,
      and  a ccelerate p rogress f or cancer patients.  Irene Raddings
      The h ope for 2 021  i s t hat t he Allsorts can  knitted  C hristmas
      get b ack to doing what we love, a nd that is  puddings w hich had
      fundraising for t his w onderful c ause.  a c hocolate orange
      We are e xceptionally g rateful t o  o ur  in! M  axine t ook a
                                            collection b ox to
      wonderful s upporters Lesley Bill, Chris  work around  a nd in
      Frost a nd the G ood Vibrations choir. Any  total t hey r aised  o ver £ 215. A  v ery k ind
      opportunity to raise f unds in memory of  donation o f £ 100 was a lso  r eceived.
                             Dave B ill to
                             benefit t he   Fingers c rossed  t hat t he big e vent of the
                             Christie       Allsorts calendar - L adies D ay at Ascot i n
                             Allsorts - t hey  June - w ill actually g o  a head this year. K eep
                             take it.       your eyes peeled!
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