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Emmaus Mossley raises money for Ukraine

      Local homelessness charity Emmaus     Ukraine,
      Mossley has raised nearly £2,000 to support  Romania
      people made homeless and affected by the  and
      invasion of Ukraine. In March, Emmaus  Poland.
      Mossley hosted a Solidarity Sale Day,  These
      donating the day’s takings from their  groups are
      Secondhand Superstore. In addition,   supporting
      donations were received from individuals  a large
      and £300 was allocated from the charity’s  increase in people made homeless, refugees
      solidarity fund, making a grand total of  and families affected by the crisis.
      £1,933 raised throughout March.       Alison Hill, Director said “The Emmaus
      Andy Coady, one of the community      groups in Eastern Europe are working
      members at Emmaus Mossley said: “As a  tirelessly to help people from Ukraine and
      community, we’ve carried on the traditions  the massive increase in people who have
      of Abbé Pierre through an act of solidarity to been displaced by the conflict.”
      do our bit. If everybody did a little bit, it’d  If you would like to make a financial
      make a big difference in the world.”  donation to the Emmaus Ukraine appeal
      The funds raised will be donated to Emmaus please visit
      Europe and distributed to Emmaus groups in

       New Counselling Service                               Kessie Merritt
        at Uppermill Therapies                                Counselling

      Counselling services from Kessie Merritt
      are now available at Uppermill Therapies.             Integrative Counsellor
                                                              trained in several
      Her style of counselling is warm, empathic              therapeutic models
      and based on a collaboration between equal
      partners. Kessie is an qualified therapist,      Feeling stuck?
      trained in a number of therapeutic models   Struggling with anxiety
      which means she can tailor her approach to       or depression?
      best suit your individual needs.        Talking to a trained professional in a
      Kessie believes the goals of therapy are  safe and confidential space may help.
      greater self-awareness, identification of  For more information and a free (15min)
      patterns that may be limiting you, building  introductory call, please contact Kessie
      confidence and your ability to self-regulate.         on 07594 464 384
                                                            (BACP registered)
      Kessie is offering free introductory
      consultations of fifteen minutes, so to find  Appointments on Sundays & Mondays at:
      out more or to book one please contact her      Uppermill Therapies,
      by text or by phone on 07594 464 384.    1b Church Road, Uppermill, OL3 6BJ

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