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Mossley Heritage C entre

      Mossley Heritage C entre ( on the c orner o f  There a re plans i n p lace for a Zoom AGM.
      the E mmaus b uilding o n Q ueen Street) i s  There w ill n ot be the u sual presentation, b ut
      not o pening on a r egular basis d ue to Covid, there i s s omething to look forward  t o. Linda
      but M  ossley Civic S ociety is thrilled that  Sutcliffe a nd Laura S myth, a uthors of the
      both t he website and  f acebook pages a re  brilliant s ell o ut book, The M  ossley Tram
      proving t o  b e s o  p opular. People have said  Crash, h ave j ust c ompleted their  n ewest
      that they like visiting and  a sking q uestions  venture a bout d ark d eeds i n M  ossley - Five
      about t he area and  m  any c ontinue to follow  Murders and  a  Killing. Mossley  H  eritage
      the t rails created with the h elp  o f M  ossley  Centre will be selling copies from
      school children.                     November - s ome a dvance orders have
                                           already b een taken!
      Individuals h ave a pproached the c entre w ith
      a w ide v ariety of questions, i ncluding  For m  ore i nformation o n M  ossley Heritage
      railway  m  arkers, m  ills, t he Mossley Guides  Centre, p lease c all 01457 837287
      and Brownies, p hotos f or a b ook and  or go online t o  www.mossleyher i tage.or g
      information o n a local chapel. P reviously, i t  or FB Mossley Her i tage.
      has b een possible t o  a rrange p ersonal v isits  Mossley Heritage C entre i s i n  t he Emmaus
      to the H eritage C entre t o  m  eet w ith t he local building, Q ueen Street, Mossley, OL5  5 AH
      experts a nd use r elevant r esources.
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