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Beautiful Hanging Baskets and Colourful Containers
      Local shops are full of summer bedding  Use your
      plants at this time of year and they make  fingers to firm
      fabulous hanging baskets and planters. The  the compost
      colour range is vast, so decide your overall  and make sure
      scheme before you purchase.            that there are no
      Planting                              Once the
       Place your basket or pot somewhere with  planting is
        easy access to all sides. Round bottomed  complete, water
        baskets can be put on a raised block to  thoroughly with a watering can rose.
        stop from slipping. Fill part way with
        multipurpose compost.               .Give your basket or pot a few days’ rest,
                                             sitting in a cool spot out of direct sun.
       Carefully remove the plants from their
        containers, easing the root balls out gently Tips
        but firmly. Any container looks better if   Never let the compost dry out completely.
        there are plants cascading over, so choose   Regularly remove faded flowers
        trailing plants for around the edge.   Check for any pests and treat promptly.
       Drizzle compost around the root balls of
        all the plants, making sure that each one   Feed every couple of weeks with a high-
                                             potash fertiliser such as a tomato feed.
        has new and fresh compost to grow in to.

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