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DO YOU   . .
                          Avoid exercise for f ear o f l eaking?
                          Have to rush to the t oilet?
                          Leak w hen y ou cough o r l augh?

            You a re not a lone!
            As many as 50%  o f w omen over 50 suffer w ith b ladder weakness.
            The EMSELLA Chair
            • Non-surgical, n on-invasive
            • Painless, n o r ecovery ti me
            • Remain fully clothed throughout
            • For w omen and m  en
            • Suitable for a ll ages
        Uses e lectromagnetic e nergy t o s timulate t he pelvic floor muscles
        Provides m  ore t han 1 1,000 p elvic fl oor contractions in a s ingle 30-minute s ession
                              Available now  a t V B  H ealth
             01457 2 37171 1 M  ossley Road, G rasscroft, OL4 4 HH (opposite Farrars Arms) * c *  V B A esthetics Saddleworth

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