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Ready      S teady    C ensus!

            Census 2 021 w ill p rovide a    s napshot o f o ur society

      Households across t he country  w ill soon be  “What a lot o f
      asked  t o  t ake p art i n  C ensus 2 021.  people m  ight
      The c ensus i s a once in a d ecade s urvey t hat  not r ealise i s
      gives u s t he most accurate e stimate o f a ll the  that census
      people a nd households in England  a nd  data is used in
      Wales. It’s been carried out e very decade  planning all
      since 1 801, with the e xception  o f 1 941.  sorts o f
                                            services, f rom
      The n ext c ensus w ill take place o n i n M  arch.  schools a nd
      By taking part, a nd encouraging o thers t o  d o  hospitals, to
      the s ame, you’ll help make sure your  doctors’
      community is counted  i n d ecisions o n  surgeries,
      services and  f unding.               transport a nd
      Local community engagement staff w ill b e  business,” s ays a Census Engagement
      on hand throughout the c ensus p rocess w ith  Manager. “ The i nformation p eople p rovide
      resources, a dvice a nd practical support that  on their q uestionnaires this March  w ill be
      enables e veryone t o  j oin i n.     used to make major d ecisions a nd inform
                                            future investment both l ocally and  n ationally
                                            over the n ext y ears.”

                                            This is the f irst time that the c ensus w ill r un
                                            primarily o nline, making it easy for m  ost
                                            people t o  c omplete t he questionnaire o n a ny
                                            device - c omputer, mobile phone o r t ablet.
                                            Households across t he country  w ill r eceive
                                            letters with online codes a llowing t hem  t o
                                            take part from early march. P aper
                                            questionnaires will also be available f or
                                            those w ho may n eed them, p lus f urther help
                                            and  s upport t o  c omplete t he form.

                                            Local census s upport centres will be offering
                                            help. T he census d ata r esults will be
                                            available n ext y ear, b ut all p ersonal r ecords
                                            will be locked away for 1 00 years a nd kept
                                            safe for f uture g enerations.
                                            For m  ore i nformation, visit
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