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VB Aesthetics: For t he
                     ultimate skin, h ealth
                      and beauty  t reats

          Gift Vouchers available  f or all
          treatments at VB Aesthetics
         x    Medical Aesthetics: inc.
         Dermal Fillers, Anti-Wrinkle
         Consultations, M  icroneedling,
         Thermavein, Lip  A ugmentation
         x    Advanced Beauty: inc.
         HydraFacial and  Z O  S kin  P eels
         x    Weight Loss  T reatment
         x    Advanced Skin Analysis
         Luxury  S kin  C  are  G  ift H  ampers:
        ZO Skin Health by Dr Obagi - H  eliocare  -
        Colorescience  - HydraFacial - T eoxane
          VB Aesthetics: 01457 237171
         1  M  ossley Rd, G  rasscroft, O  L4 4HH  @  vb_aesthetics
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