Page 10 - Saddleworth Monthly November 2020
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The S addleworth Christmas G                   ift G   uide
                                 Shop     L ocal!

      Saddleworth Monthly has b een  e ncouraging local traders w ho are o ften at their m  arket.
      our r eaders t o  Shop Local at all t imes, n ot  You c an find details of the s tall holders
      just at Christmas, for t he past 15 years.  usually a t t he One W  orld Chr i stmas F air,
      We’re a lways d elighted to promote o ur  organised  b y C hurches T ogether i n
      independent b usinesses: you c an find quirky Saddleworth in November, o n  t hese pages
      one o ff items and  h yper local goods which  or on Uppermill Methodist Church  w ebsite.
      aren’t available e lsewhere - a nd receive  This year has o bviously not b een l ike o thers.
      friendly knowledgeable service a s w ell.  But a n a ppreciation o f c ommunity spirit,

      Shopping at local businesses puts money  and  t he help many have received  f rom  t heir
      into the l ocal economy. Saddleworth  neighbours, h as been wonderful. If someone
      businesses, like so many others, h ave d one  has b een kind during Covid, a s mall gift
      an incredible job  a dapting s o  t hat t hey a re  might be an idea. Unexpected gifts a re the
      able to welcome p eople b ack safely.  most heart-warming. It doesn’t have to be

      Most Christmas f etes and  f airs can’t be held  anything extravagant - eg flowers, special
      this year. Dovestone W  I C hristmas Markets  biscuits, n atural soaps - to be appreciated.
      are h olding an Advent Calendar style e vent  Make y ourself a cuppa, l ook through t hese
      on their F acebook page with details of the  pages f or ideas, a nd please, Shop Local.

                   Recently  o pened   o n  U ppermill High Street

                                             Hope &    B loom

                                      Tradi onal Christmas W    reaths
                                       of silk flowers and w ickerwork

                                     Contemporary Bauble W      reaths
                                      Choose y our own c olour scheme
                                            Matching Garlands
                                           for above the fireplace
                                    Come a long to the s hop for i deas!

                                            Wedding W  reaths and
                                       Table Decora ons also available

       First fl oor, 42 High Street, U ppermill, OL3 6 HR (above All W  rapped  U p)
             07896 6 29046   FB: hopeandbloom1 IG: h ope_and_bloom
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