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When I l ooked through  l ast y ear’s  N  ovember edition of
                         Saddleworth  M  onthly a  f ew weeks  a go I f elt a  little sad  t o  s ee
                                    all t he events that won’t b e  h appening  t his  y ear -
                          Remembrance   s ervices, C  hristmas fairs  a nd fetes, c oncerts
          and plays. But h aving  p ut this edition  t ogether, I realised once again  q uite how
       resilient and imaginative Saddleworth  i s, making the  b est o f t he cards  w  e’ve been
         dealt to carry  o n  a s  b est w  e  c an. We’ve  p lenty  t o  r ead  a bout i n  t his  i ssue, I h ope
      t  0  1457 237200                                 you  e njoy it. T ake  c are  a ll,
          Front Cover Image: Dovestones Bench b y S addleworth photographer Gaynor
                 of Shy V iolet P hotography.  w  ww.shyvioletphotogr a

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