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Spring is in the air! Whatever plans  y ou have for y our h ouse  o r
                            garden  t his  s pring, I’m  s ure  t here’s  a  local b usiness  o n  o ur
                          Saddleworth  M  onthly pages who  c an help you. If plans go to
          schedule, some of our local s hops and  s mall businesses  w  ill b e  a ble  t o  r e-open
       this month. Please support t hem if you  c an - i t’s  b een  a  long winter for s ome. Keep
             well and  h opefully we’ll s ee each  o ther o ut and  a bout again  b efore  t oo long.
      t  0  1457 237200                                      With my best wishes,
           Front Cover Image: Ox Hey T op by Saddleworth p hotographer Michael F ox
       From his b ook ‘Light on the H  ills’ available f rom  S addleworth Museum shop or website

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                                           CONSERV A TORIES

                                           WINDOWS &          D  OORS    L TD

                 Come home to
                a  s tunning door!

        Classic Conservatories can create
            a bespoke door just for you
          with tailor made features and
           multi-point locking security,
          manufactured and fi ed to the
                 highest standard.
           For a  f ree quotation, contact our
        established Saddleworth business on
           01457 878778 or 07787 823903

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