Page 6 - Saddleworth Monthly November 2020
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Remembrance 2 020

      Remembrance S unday w on’t b e t he same as displaying
      usual t his y ear without t he March Past at the your own
      Cenotaph in London, o ur service i n  home-made
      Saddleworth up at Pots and  P ans a nd very  poppy in
      few  p oppies available t o  b uy.   your
      But t his d oes n ot mean that we cannot m  ark  window,
      the d ay in a s uitably s ocially distanced way.  undertaking
      This could  b e w atching t he Service i n  a s ponsored
      London, p ausing for t he two  m  inute s ilence  activity, or
      at home or on our d oorsteps, or by helping  an 11/11
      to fundraise f or the R oyal British  L egion.  challenge
      Some Saddleworth churches will be holding  such as
      services and  w e m  ay even hear the L ast P ost  baking
      being p layed  o utside houses by some  eleven cakes
      individual brass b and  m  embers.   for f riends.
      Without m  any p oppy sellers this year, t he  For m  ore i nformation s ee
      Royal B ritish  L egion h ave i ncluded  d etails
      of how  t o  s how  y our s upport, donate a nd  Painting  o f P ots a nd Pans by Rachel F ish,
      fundraise o n t heir website. I deas include  member of the S addleworth Group of A rtists
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