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Uppermill Summer M                 usic F estival 2021
                      planned      t o return this July!

      Music-lovers in Saddleworth w ill s urely b e  Government u pdates.
      delighted to learn t hat U SMF  h as  And  o f c ourse, keep
      provisionally  m  ade p lans to make a  an eye o n t he May
      welcome r eturn t his s ummer! Musicians  and  J une editions of
      have now  b een booked and  a re currently  Saddleworth
      happily preparing  f or a j oyous r eturn t o  t he  Monthly for f urther
      concert p latform  a fter such a l engthy  news about w hat
      enforced  b reak.                     treats w ill b e i n
      But f or unforeseen d evelopments, the  store.
      Festival will open o n  S aturday 1 0  th  July with  Let’s a ll keep hoping for a summer without
      a c oncert a t 1 2.15pm in Uppermill  (too many) p rohibitive restrictions; and  t hat
      Methodist Church, a nd finish with an  we will be able to reconnect safely with all
      evening c oncert o n F riday 1 6  th July.  our f riends during the 8  exciting live events.
      Program  u pdates w ill be on the w ebsite by  Keep  s afe; and  h elp  u s t o  k eep music l ive!
      19 April, but t ickets will only b e o n s ale  Uppermill S ummer Music F estival
      from 23 June at the e arliest –  in case  10th t o  1 6th J uly 2 021. For f urther details,
      changes n eed to be made in response to any  please v isit the w ebsite

                                                WEDNESDAYS and T HURSDAYS
                                                  Wednesday evening groups
                                                   Thursday morning groups
                                                         Call Claire:
                                                        07900 0 03 946
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