Page 7 - Saddleworth Monthly November 2020
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Entyrely: K   eeping    y our wheels
                                safely  o n  t he road
                          Tyres  a re the  s econd biggest
                         reason   f or breakdown   c all-outs

           Our m  ission is to reduce vehicle  d own  t ime  a nd help make every
             journey safer b y  e ffectively  s ealing  p unctures from the  i nside.
          entyrely is a  w  ater based  e nvironmentally friendly  l iquid  t hat i s
           pumped into a  v ehicle’s tyres. This creates a  s eal inside so that if
            punctured  t he tyre does not deflate, blowout or loose  p ressure.
                Our p roduct l iterally saves the  d ay if you  g et a  p uncture!
             x     One  t ime  a pplication which  l asts the  l ifetime of the  t yre
             x     Suits all v ehicle  t ypes from  c ars  t o  h eavy  p lant
             x     Prices start f rom £50 a  c ar
             x     10% OFF   w  ith  t his  a dvert
         t: 07789 693 401 w: e:
                         Twitter @  entyrelyNW  F  B  e ntyrely
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