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Adver sing feature
           The History of Gin from Rose County Gin

      The G&T as its affectionately known, is the  Gin (30ml) with
      quintessential British benchmark of   Fever Tree
      refreshment and versatility. It is a well-  Elderflower
      balanced drink which adapts deftly to  tonic: add a
      quenching a thirst on a balmy summer’s day lemon wedge,
      or warming the soul on a winter’s evening.  juniper berries
      Nowadays there are a vast array of flavoured and a sprig of
      gins, tonics and additional garnishes to  rosemary to
      choose from.                          complement the
      Let’s start with the Gin. A 16th century  gin’s floral notes.
      Dutch Physician, Sylvius de Bouve, is  The Orange Forward G&T complements the
      credited with developing gin by distilling  citrus notes of Rose County Gin. Take 30ml
      juniper berries, which were believed to cure  of the Gin and one tablespoon of sweet
      ailments and improve circulation. He  vermouth. Add two dashes of orange bitters,
      christened the concoction “Jenever”. English top with 100ml of standard Fever Tree tonic,
      soldiers encountered Jenever while fighting  add ice to fill the glass and finish with a
      in the Dutch War of Independence in the  generous twist of orange peel (pressed over
      1580s, and nicknamed it ‘Dutch courage’.  the glass rim to express the oils).
      Over time the name Jenever was distilled  However our personal favourite is simply
      down to Gin.                          the Classic G&T. Take a high ball glass,
      Gin met its match in tonic water. A Scottish  30ml of Rose County Gin (ideally kept in
      doctor George Cleghorn studied the effects  the freezer) and 120ml of standard, chilled
      of quinine and found it to be an effective  Fever Tree tonic. Simply add the gin to your
      malaria treatment. British army officers  glass, and slowly pour the tonic in at an
      stationed in the Indian subcontinent  angle to maintain the fizz (like pouring a
      experimented with recipes in order to make  pint). Then add enough ice to the glass to
      this natural remedy more palatable for the  leave space for a garnish. For Rose County
      troops, eventually pairing the tonic water  Gin we recommend a fresh slice of orange in
      with gin. The officers returned home keen to the winter and lemon in the summer.
      share the refreshing medicinal drink and so  We hope this has given you some
      G&T for the masses was born.          inspiration. We will be serving G&Ts at a
                        Here at Rose County  number of locations over the Whit Friday
                        Gin at Saddleworth  celebrations, so please come and say hello.
                        Spirit Merchants, we  Our Heather and Rose botanicals combined
                        love three distinct  with a citrus finish are a perfect
                        variations of the Gin  accompaniment to the brass festivities!
                        and Tonic as follows:  Rose County Gin is available at:
                        Gin Tonica is the   Weaver and Wilde | The Navigation Inn |
                        variety you are most  The Wine Vault | Winos | The Old Cobblers
                        likely to encounter.  Caffe Abaco | The Albion Tap | The Hare
                        We pair Rose County  and Hounds

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