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Whodunit at the C oliseum?

      Welcome to an interactive o nline m  urder  Manager
      mystery set i n  O  ldham’s historic theatre!  Edward Fitch
      Part promenade t heatre production a nd part  is found…
      digital C luedo, Whodunnit at the     dead! E veryone
      Coliseum? puts viewers i n  t he centre o f  is a s uspect –
      the a ction a s t hey a ttempt t o  f ind  a killer  and  i t’s u p  t o  y ou to figure out w hodunit . . .
      amongst the t heatre’s audience and  s taff.  Some say t his p articular play is cursed, a nd
      The p roduction t akes place online, offering  we’re i nclined  t o  a gree… after a ll, there w as
      people t he opportunity to return to the  also that accidental stabbing in ’47* …
      theatre for t he first t ime s ince March 2020  With ‘50s inspired musical numbers and
      without p hysically leaving t heir homes.  video  g ame-esque i nteractivity Whodunnit
      Action t akes place all a round the O ldham  at the Coliseum? fuses n ostalgia with
      Coliseum  b uilding t aking  v iewers to  modernity t o  c reate a f abulous production.
      familiar spaces including t he bar a nd the
      foyer, plus rarely seen backstage a reas.  The s how  r uns f rom  9 th to 25th  A pril.
                                            Tickets a re £8 or £20
                                                                       f rom
                                                             a household
      It's 1954 and  y ou’ve just arrived  a t t he
      Coliseum  f or the o pening night o f  *The accidental stabbing of actor H arold
      Shakespeare’s Macbe…The S cottish  P lay.  Norman  w hilst o n s tage at the C oliseum  i n 1 947
      Moments b efore c urtain up, F ront of House  has become part o f t he legend of Macbeth  p lays.

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